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Hot Coffee
Black Coffees
fresh brewed classic black coffee

Espresso Americano
mild black coffee

fresh espresso toped with milk foam

strong dark black coffee, for the ultimate kick

Hot Lemon n Mint
refreshing strong black coffee with lemon and mint

White Italian
fresh espresso shot topped with whipped cream

The Regulars
milk based strong coffee made in classic Italian style

Cafe Latte
milk based mild coffee with flavor syrups

Cafe Mocha
chocolate flavor hot coffee

Hot Chocolate
milk based health drink with loads of chocolate

Tropical Safari
banana flavored rich hot coffee

Across the Ocean (International Flavours)
Cafe Carribean
coconut flavor hot coffee
Irish Coffee
mild espresso with dominant Irish flavor and topped with cream
Cafe Caramel
milk based strong coffee with a tinge of caramel
Cafe Hazel Nut
smooth blend of coffee topped with hazel nut syrup
Assam Tea
Darjeling Tea
Earl Gray
Masala Tea
Lemon Hot Tea

Green Tea
Sparkling Lemon Ice Tea
Flavoured Ice Tea
Fusion Drinks
Coffee Delight
a fresh short of espresso over ice - cream toped with hazel nut,
chocolate syrup & cream
Coffee Toffee
unique blend of black coffee with vanilla ice - cream
Choco Brew
unique hot and cold blend of espresso & chocolate ice - cream
Brewers Eskimos (Variety of Cold Coffee)
Iced Latte
combination of coffee and milk
Royal Shake
blend of rich cream and espresso
Brewers Frappe
rich smooth blend of ice cream & coffee
Irish Frappe
a blend of cream and coffee with distinguish Irish flavor
Hazel Frappe
hazel nut flavored blend of cream and coffee
Choco Frappe
blend of fresh cream & coffee with chocolate syrup
Caramel Frappe
smooth blend of fresh cream & coffee with caramel syrup
Tropical Frappe
banana flavor smooth blend of cream and coffee
Brewers Best
Tall 'n' Dark
our specialty coffee having rich blend of ice cream and coffee
coated with chocolate and topped with cream
Almond Brew
almond flavor rich cream, blend and topped with cream
Fantasy Frappe
delicious combination of coffee & fresh cream pastry
Coffee Crunch
Brownie Feast
Brewers Blast
our signature drink - Try it .... You Will Like It
Slush Drinks crushed ice based flavored drinks
Cool Blue
Peach Beach
Mix Fruit
Lemon n' Mint
Black Current
Fizzers soda based drinks for instant refreshment
Ginger Fizz
Orange Fizz
Pineapple Fizz
Litchi Fizz
Blue Lagoon
Green Valley
Pretty Women
Black Dragon
Fruit Punch
Cream Crushed Drinks blend of ice cream and crush iced with flavor of choice
Peach Beach
Mango Cream Crush

Black Current
Men in Black
scoop of vanilla ice - cream coated with chocolate syrup & topped with cream & nuts
Pink Lady
scoop of vanilla ice - cream coated with strawberry & chocolate syrup
& topped with cream & nuts

Black Magic
hot brownie served with ice - cream, chocolate syrup & topped with cream & nuts

Dark Caramel
scoops of vanilla ice - cream coated with caramel syrup & topped with cream & nuts

Brewers Temptations
melting fresh cream pastry topped with syrup, cream & nuts

Hot Brownie
Brownie with hot Chocolate Sause
Hot Brownie with Ice - cream
After Coffee
Black Forest
Choco Fantasy
Belgium Moose

Flavor of the Day
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Whipped Cream
Belgium Moose
Vanilla Ice - cream
Chocolate Ice - cream
Chocolate Syrup
Irish Flavor
Hazel Nut Flavor
Caramel Flavor
Belly Filler (Fasty Food)
Potato Delicacy
Finger Fries
superior quality fries with extra crispiness and
uniform golden brown colour
Masala Finger Fries
fries with herbs & seasoned with oragano
Cheesy Finger Fries
Cheesy Masala Finger Fries
Crispy Potato Wedges
skin - on potato wedges, crispy coated with a special herbs seasoning
Rosti Rounds (3 Portions)
crispy hash brown patty made from real grated potatoes seasoned with onions
Onion Rings
fresh cut, juicy onion rings coated in a unique crunchy breading
Crunchy Nuggets
Crunchy, golden bite size potato nuggets with a hint of onion
Cheese Pepper Bites
Zesty Jalapeno Peppers and real cheddar cheese
coated in a crisp golden brown batter
Aloo Hash Brown
crispy patty of shredded potatoes, lightly seasoned with onions and cheese
Brew Smileys
delicious mashed potatoes, seasoned & formed into smiley face
Diet Veg. Tikki (2 Portions)
exciting combination of real mashed potatoes and authentic Indian spices
Sweet Corn Nuggets
crunchy golden nuggets of american sweet corn with a hint of onion
Plain Burger
Cheese Burger
Veg. Supreme Burger
Cheesy Veg. Supreme Burger
Chatpata Burger
Cheesy Chatpata Burger
our speciality Coleslaw sandwich with grated cheese
Veg. Sandwich
Veg. Cheesy Sandwich

Aloo Tikki Sandwich

Chessy Aloo Tikki Sandwich

Veg. Chopped Sandwich

Veg. Cheesy Chopped Sandwich

Chilli Panner Sandwich

Sp. Coleslaw Sandwich
Aloo Tikki Wrap
Chilli Panner Wrap
Brewers Wrap
our speciality wrapes with grated cheese
Plain Pasta
Veg. Pasta
Mexican Pasta
Veg. Cheesy Pizza
Double Cheesy Pizza
Chilli Panner Pizza
Mexican Pizza
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